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Hi Guru Community! 👋

I’m Kate, Product Designer at Guru. Inline commenting has been a highly requested feature and I’m looking for a few folks passionate about this topic who would be willing to speak with me so I could get a better understanding of your use case, pain points, and workflow that collaborative editing would help support. If interested, please comment on this thread and I will follow up to find 30 minutes to connect via video call in the next few weeks.

Thanks so much for helping to make Guru the best tool possible for you and your team! 💚

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Hey @Kate Staaf not sure if you’re still looking for any insights about this but I’d love to talk more about this feature 😊 

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Same here!


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Awesome! Thank you @Lucia Delicova and @Lynn Miller! Yes, we are still looking for customer feedback regarding future editor features. We’ll get in touch with you soon and find a good time to connect. Thanks so much! ✌

@Kate Staaf do you have an estimated timeline of when inline comments would be available?

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hi @Kevin Weng ! we’re still in defining future feature for the editor so we don’t have a date for inline comments yet. but a perquisite for a feature like this is completion of our “editor rewrite” project (which you can learn more about in this post)

one question i’d love to get your feedback on though it, when we refer to “inline comments” would you expect that functionality to be available on pre-published content? published cards? or both?

@Kate Staaf thanks for setting expectations! I understand that it will take time to develop a feature based on the community’s needs.


I would want the inline comments to be available for published cards at least. It would definitely be a plus if it could be available in the pre-published state. 


For context, one of our teams wants to completely revamp their SOPs and they want to be able to highlight/comment on specific sections of SOPs that need to be updated. In this case it is a published state.

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@Kate Staaf late to the party, but I do want to throw a gigantic thumbs up at this project! We have a lot of active commenters, and I know there’s been a lot of improvements to comments over the last year or two, but being able to bring conversations into the docs themselves would be huge. The effortless context inline comments deliver is very helpful.

In regards to your question about whether inline commenting should be available for pre-published content, I think that would make it easier to collab, but that means being able to collab on drafts, which feels like a whole different feature. We’ll take inline commenting in whatever form you can deliver.

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Thanks for you comment @Dillon Head! Really appreciate you sharing you’re experience. We’ll certainly take your feedback into our product development. And I’m happy to report that collabing on drafts is also a feature that is part of this body of work :) Stay tuned!


@Kate Staaf you may already have all the feedback you need for the inline commenting, but I’m happy to also put aside 30 minutes for you if that will still be helpful.

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I’m late to the party but I’m also happy to discuss this if you’re still collecting feedback!


This is something a team member has requested on our side. My only hesitation is that some users add TONS of comments while others don’t tend to Guru as frequently to respond. That might create a lot of noise in the card and distract from the card’s purpose. I like to keep things public in Slack, so a more natural conversation can be had where folks can chime in. But-- that might just be an us problem. If y’all come up with best practices for adding in-line comments, we can adjust! 

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@Hillary Dodge - would you be interested in this opportunity?


Hi @Kate Staaf , @Hillary Dodge ,

I’m not sure if we still have the opportunity to add our feedback but here it is anyway:

  • Inline comments should work on unverified and published cards.
  • You should always be able to edit inline comments
  • The admin, collection owner, creator or mentioned people should be able to resolve inline comments
  • If you mention a team or a person, the inline comments should only be visible to those people.
  • If you don’t mention somebody in the inline comment, it’s visible for everybody
  • There should be a button to see inline comments on a page or hide them
  • Inline comments should have basic rich editor features including the link of an URL
  • There should be a next button to focus the page automatically to the next inline comment.
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Most of you have probably already seen this but just in case, we have room for a few more customers in the beta for inline comments in drafts that’s starting soon, my last message on the main feedback post has all the details. We’d love to have you join us!