Guru Anniversary Challenge: Top Guru Authors

  • 22 February 2022
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Happy Guru Anniversary! Congratulations on one whole year with Guru, AND finding yourself at step eight of the Guru Anniversary Challenge.


Today we’ll be shouting out your Top Guru Authors who made your year with Guru so great!


Who are your Top Guru Authors?


It’s time to shoutout the team members who helped create and keep up with content in Guru. This may look different for every team. At Guru, everyone can be an author. Other companies like Dataiku have a specific author and verification set up. Whatever your set up, take this opportunity to recognize your contributors!


If you’re curious, find more details about @Grace Taylor ‘s process with Dataiku’s knowledge council in this recent Deep Dive: 


If you want to take a quantitive approach, you can pull information from Card manager and track # Cards created by Authors in a spreadsheet!


Pull Cards created during your year with Guru into a spreadsheet: 

  1. Web App: Go to the web app ( and the initial dashboard will display the trust score. You can always return to the dashboard by clicking the 'G' icon in the left hand corner of the navigation bar.DO_+Understanding+Trust+Score.png 
  2. Navigate to the Card Manager tab in the web app. 

  3. Head to Filter by Attribute on the right side. Set “creation date” to ABSOLUTE → After the day before your year with Guru’s starting date and refresh your data!
  4. Export this filtered view into a CSV file (the file will get emailed directly to your inbox). 

  5. Work with the information in a spreadsheet.

  6. Focus on “Column F” - the “Created By” column 

  7. Reformat your view as needed; I hid columns and sorted my “Created By” view from A-Z

  8. Highlight the “Created By” Column, head to Data and click “Column Stats”

  9. See what names show up under the “Most” Value!


Who are your Top Guru Authors? Don’t forget to share findings after completing the Guru Anniversary Challenge in this post to grab your exclusive badge!

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