Guru Anniversary Challenge: Total Card views in the last year

  • 22 February 2022
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Happy Guru Anniversary! Congratulations on one whole year with Guru, AND finding yourself at step three of the Guru Anniversary Challenge. 


Today’s metric of the day is about your total Card views in your first year with Guru!


This number will tell us how many times your users referred to information on a Guru Card. 


To measure your total Card views in your first year with Guru: 

  1. Web App: Go to the web app ( and the initial dashboard will display the trust score. You can always return to the dashboard by clicking the 'G' icon in the left hand corner of the navigation bar.DO_+Understanding+Trust+Score.png 
  2. Analytics: Navigate to Analytics in the web app ( and head to the Users tab. 

  3. Change the date range to “Is in the past year” and refresh your data! Note: you may want to adjust this, depending on what window of time you’d like to measure with Guru. I recommend matching this to your approach in Step 1! Decide on a timeline and keep it consistent for reporting to come!
  4. Head to the User Views section and export data (we recommend an excel spreadsheet or CSV).

  5. Open your information up in spreadsheets or Google sheets and calculate the summary of views from each user in your first year with Guru!


What is your # of total Card views in your first year with Guru? 


Don’t forget to share findings after completing the Guru Anniversary Challenge in this post to grab your exclusive badge!


P.S. New to Guru Analytics? Learn more in this help center article: Getting Started with Guru Analytics



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