How Ceros uses Guru to streamline their new hire experience

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In a recent Deep Dive, we had the chance to learn from @Renee Osgood  , Head of Customer Success Enablement at Ceros.

“Ceros’ mission is to unlock creativity. Our Guru onboarding reflects this and introduces new hires right away to our company culture.” - Renee Osgood

Ceros is a cloud-based experiential content creation platform that empowers marketers and designers to create content - without the need for coding. New hires are ramped up to their roles with a combination of Lessonly, Guru, and Slack. Mission, culture, and values information included in onboarding so that new hires can build a connection with Ceros. Everyone gets a 100 day onboarding journey, which includes checkpoints for progress and feedback. 

Renee walked us through about Cero’s approach to onboarding folks with Guru. Watch her interview:

Questions covered with Renee: 

  • What is your role at Ceros?
  • How does Ceros use Guru?
  • What does the new hire experience look like at Ceros? How does Guru support that?  
  • How does the new hire experience look for folks specifically on the Customer Success team?
  • What advice would you give to companies streamlining their new hire experience in Guru?

Catch the full Deep Dive recap here: 

Questions for Renee? Have a takeaway you’d love to share? Drop em down below!

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