Introducing 12 Days of Guru! Celebrate your 2021 Success

  • 1 December 2021
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Good morning Guru Community! Today is a special day. We’re officially introducing the first-ever 12 Days of Guru!


Starting today until our Holiday Deep Dive on December 16th, we'll be dropping a series of tips in the Guru Community to help you recognize your 2021 impact with Guru.

  • Participants will have the chance to win prizes daily by measuring the Guru metric of the day and sharing your findings in the thread. 

  • By the end of the 12 Days, you’ll have all the information you’ll need to complete a Year in Review Card or PDF you can share with your team. 

  • You’ll be able to submit your final Card for a grand prize. 

  • At the Deep Dive, we'll meet to share our wins, mix and mingle, and celebrate before the holidays!


Follow along with these 12 Days of Guru resources and don’t forget to RSVP to the Deep Dive:




Who’s in and ready for Day 1?! Today’s metric of the day is around Guru adoption. 


Your Guru adoption rate shows the proportion of users who have performed an active event (i.e. a Card view, copy, search, verify, or edit) to the total number of users. The time period and number of users are determined by the filters you set.


To measure your average adoption rate through 2021: 

  1. Head to your Analytics dashboard in Guru. 

  2. Underneath the overview tap, adjust the date filter to say “In the last 1 year.” Note: since it is December 1st, this would calculate the average adoption rate from December 1st 2020. To start calculations from January 1st, 2021, choose “in the last 11 months”. Decide on a timeline and keep it consistent for metrics to come. 

  3. Hit the refresh arrow in the top right corner and find your average adoption rate!




Watch this Loom Video for step-by-step instructions


Typically customers maintain a 51% average Guru adoption rate. If you're around or above that, highlight this fun fact to your team!


What was your average adoption rate? Share with the Guru Community below for the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card or Guru swag item of your choice! The winner will be announced tomorrow morning with our Day 2 Challenge post. 

17 replies

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We only track our adoption rate for our core users that need to use Guru (our frontline team), because everyone else that has access to Guru is either helping our frontline team from the sidelines or using it for research. (Thanks again for the Lite Users feature, it’s been amazing for these folks!) 

Very pleased to see we always average around 95-100% on a monthly basis, and thus a solid 100% for 2021! :raised_hands:


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@brookethebatman GOALS! Congratulations on 100% adoption rate. :dizzy: I appreciate how you broke down the users you evaluate. It’s a good reminder for everyone to adjust calculations / metrics to the best fit for their teams and their use cases of Guru. :relaxed:

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Considering we have 150+ people using Guru, I’m pretty happy with the adoption rate!


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We’ve recently started rolling Guru our to more teams in our company (quite a steep chart!) and I’m happy to see that despite the fact that some teams are in the early low adoption stage, our score is 82% :grinning:



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Yay! We have so many more active users than I anticipate, and it’s nice to see that my efforts in promoting Guru as our one-stop shop for knowledge documentations are working!

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Proud of this!! fwiw we are at 100% adoption for our revenue teams :heart_eyes:


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We unfortunately don’t have the Builder plan (yet… hopefully in 2022!) so I’m unable to look at adoption within the analytics dashboard. But, we rolled out Guru in late September and since then we’ve had 95% of the company sign in. 


I can’t wait until we can look at cooler analytics like everyone else can see on this thread :slight_smile:

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Hiya! We currently have all employees in Guru (but may move engineering to lite users...) and maintain a pretty decent adoption rate. I’ll credit that with so many processes and materials being centralized in Guru! 94% what whaaaaat?!?



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Our total adoption was 89%, but once I looked at Brooke’s comment I filtered for our Coaching group (who are our primary users) & had an average of 98% !!! 


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We have our entire company using Guru, as well as some 3rd party contract vendors, for 66 people total and 97% adoption :) We first got Guru around this time last year and slowly added in more teams, so it’s cool to see the adoption going up over time.

Adoption rate at 97%


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Hey Callie! We are at 96%! We finally figured out how to remove certain vendors from our analytics (they haven’t even logged in to our SSO provider, so no chance they would be able to even get on Guru). This corrected our score of 84% up to 96% - we are thrilled :muscle_tone2:



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I look after the various Support teams and I don’t think this is too bad!

We’ve gone though a bit of an expansion with other 3 other teams using the tool as well, so even looking at it overall, this isn’t bad...

Although VERY curious about @Nina Frank ‘s secret, how’d you get that high an adoption with so many seats? :joy:

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@Ross Early - y’all have a lot to celebrate! Feel free to chime in 

We have 72 users using Guru on an almost daily basis. Thanks for showing us how to see the Total Adoption score. Neat feature! 95% is great! 

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Oh this is fun. I am going to make a Guru review for the whole company and one just for Support. We have 98% adoption company wide, and 100% in support. We use Guru all day every day in Support, so I would have fainted if it wasn’t at 100%. 

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Very, very happy that my team was able to increase adoption so rapidly. The company was a bit skeptical at first, but as you can see, the platform usage exploded in August of this year. So exciting to see the team integrate things like cards and knowledge triggers into their standard workflow. We use Guru so much that it’s even a Slack emoji.

We are improving daily! With the amount of newer employees, it’s great to see them use GURU for work processes and maximizing this resource.