Updates to the Guru support experience coming soon

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Hi Guru Community! 👋 Caroline with Guru’s Support team here. We are thrilled to share that we are launching a new Guru Resource Center next week, which will serve as a central location for all of Guru’s support offerings, including direct 1:1 support and the Guru Help Center. We wanted to give you a heads-up about this change, as part of this update will include transitioning from having you reach out to us via an in-app chat to working with us over email.


What will change? 

Beginning next week, our Technical Support, Product Specialist, and Billing teams will now be communicating with you via email, either after you contact us via email, or after filling out a new ‘Contact Us’ form in the Guru Help Center. As part of this update, we are also freshening up our Help Center, though you can count on the content and the URL (help.getguru.com) remaining the same. 


What will not change? 

The level of support that you can count on from Guru! 🤓

Our team strives to provide a best-in-class support experience, and changing the way we communicate with our customers will not impact that. We will continue to maintain our standard support hours, response times, and, as always, work to get you back on track as quickly as we can. 


We are excited about this update but understand that change can come with questions, which is why we wanted to let you know beforehand. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.

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