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  • 1 August 2022
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Hey all,

Know this thread was in play ~1 year ago, but curious if anything has changed/is changing with syncing only specific pages from a Confluence space to Guru. I have a number of teams that are living in Confluence and trying to get their info in via the feed, but there are just some items that shouldn’t live there.


If there isn’t, curious how successful anyone here has been with delineating when something belongs in the Product Guru collection vs. when it stays in Confluence.




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Hi @K Vermilyea! 👋

We haven’t changed how our native Confluence sync functionality works in terms of bringing over only select content from a particular Confluence space. When you are creating the sync, you’ll be prompted to enter a space key and all of that info will be synced over to Guru.

Another route you could go, depending on Confluence’s exporting capabilities, is outlined in our Developer Network Documentation here. Basically what you’d be doing is writing a script that would export the desired pages out of Confluence, and place them in a .zip file following the structure laid out on that page. Then you’d have to follow the steps in the “API Implementation” section of that page, and you could write a script that runs the sync every X days.

If after reading through this page you feel that this is a route you’d be interesting in pursuing, and you have any questions, please reach out here and I will be happy to help guide you!



One possible workaround: use Confluence’s include page macro to mirror a page living in an unsynced Confluence Space into a page in the Confluence Space that’s being synced into Guru. Confluence documentation for the macro is here