persistent extension tab

  • 12 February 2022
  • 1 reply

Hi all I really like how the extension integrates into the browser especially the little tab that sits minimized on the side of the screen.  Has anyone found a way to almost pin that tab on the side of the screen? I know the extension button is on the toolbar but really like that tab for visibility.  Ty. 

1 reply

Hey Stace 👋

Thanks for your note– I’m glad you’re liking the extension!

It’s not possible to pin the extension to your screen, but I’m happy to clear up why!

We mount our extension UI within the webpage itself. When a user navigates to a new webpage within the same tab, the page itself is gone and a new page has rendered. Even though this is all happening within the same tab, Guru has to remount itself to that new page because the entire page has changed. We also wait for the user to click the extension icon because it helps us delay loading all of our scripts, which helps keep pages loading and rendering quickly. From what I understand, this is typical behavior for apps that use popover functionality same as Guru (for example Honey, Lastpass, etc.).

If you are referring to that lightening bolt tab, that is designed to only trigger when a Card is suggested, either through Knowledge Triggers or AI Suggest so folks know that there is a relevant suggestion on that page without needing to open the extension!

Let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to chat further. 😊