Why can we see how many times a Card viewed and read in Guru but only views in the API?

  • 30 December 2020
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Hi everyone! I have a quick question: In Guru we can see for a card how many times it was viewed and read, but the API shows only views, without this differentiation. Which is the difference?image_5318.png

6 replies

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Hey! Might be handy to ask in Developer Category too!
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Yes maybe! Thanks!
Copying in @mhouston!
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@marcos.perez hey, not sure if this is exactly what you're asking, but `cardviewstats` ( `api.getguru.com/api/v1/facts/some-card-id/cardviewstats` )returns this:
"analytics": {
"favorites": 0,
"copies": 3,
"views": 44
"membersWithCardView": 9,
"membersWithoutCardView": 50
This seems to differentiate between net "views" and unique users that have opened the card at some point (membersWithCardView). I could be wrong, but I don't think "read" is determined in any way other than the card having been opened by a user. My bad if I misunderstood your question!
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Hey Dillon! Thanks for that! Didn't realize it was an available endpoint! This helped me a lot!
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@marcos.perez awesome! Glad that helped. I just happened to have wondered about that myself not too long ago.