Zapier automation for messaging a Slack Channel when a Collection's Trust Score drops

  • 30 November 2021
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Hi everyone šŸ‘‹

I wanted to pop in and share a Zap that the Product Marketing team at Guru has found really helpful.

As the connective tissue between our product/design/engineering (PDE) groups and our GTM functions, the PMM team is responsible for keeping the product knowledge stored in our Guru cards fresh. To help hold ourselves and our PDE colleagues accountable, we've used Zapier to set up an automation that notifies our shared PMM/PDE channel when the trust score on our shared Product Knowledge Collection drops below 85%. The top 3 SMEs with unverified cards are noted in the message (names blocked out to protect the innocent in the screenshot below!).

Because we really appreciateĀ positive reinforcement, we've set up a second Zap to let everyone know when the trust score is back up over 85%. It's a nice digital high-five to show everyone in the channel that we're on top of things.

If you'd like to try this automation in Zapier, click here to use a Zap template. We'd love to hear from you if you wind up using this automation to keep your Guru knowledge fresh and flowing!

2 replies

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Hi, I am trying to implement this Zap but all of the verifier names appear as ā€œnullā€! Has anyone experienced this before?

@Grace TaylorĀ Hello! In that picture, the trust score went above the threshold and in that case we do not show the top 3 verifiers. However, if the triggering event is below a threshold it should have the top 3 verifiers. One way to confirm this is to set the trigger threshold at your current verification score and then un verify a card. That should fire off an event where the direction field on the event is `below` and that event should have the top 3 verifiers.Ā