How to include external Intercom help center content

  • 15 August 2023
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We’re using Intercom for support. Any feature planned that would allow us to incorporate our external Intercom help center in Answers?

4 replies

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Hey @Lars Böhnke! Nothing concrete planned just yet but this is very helpful as we’re in the process of determining what integration to focus on next!

@Lars Böhnke If your content only lives in Intercom, one quick solution is to use the Guru API to create a external sync with Intercom. I’m not a programer, but Guru’s API docs were clear enough for me to hack my way through manually syncing our Intercom articles in to a Guru collection. 

To be clear, it’s not perfect, the script Guru provides could be revised, since both recently introduced fantastic improvements, Guru (folders) and Intercom (deeper collection hierarchy). I wish there was a way to more accurately control the order of cards, ours read sequentially on Intercom. But they get created in Guru by Last modified date, and as an external source you can’t reorganize them. However, if the goal is to get your content to a place Answers can access it, API is a quick answer for a WIN!

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Hi @Lars Böhnke!

The product team is collecting feedback on additional external sources for Answers via this survey, if you want to add your vote for Intercom and any other sources your team relies on for information.

As always, we appreciate your input!

Guru is our single source of truth for internal documentation. But, we use Intercom for support and customer-facing documentation.

Now that Intercom is available as source for Answers, I reviewed

I can see how what is synced from Intercom to Guru could be helpful, but what we really need is to sync all our factual customer facing Intercom Help Center Articles into Guru to complete the single source of truth. Currently, without a sync, we have to duplicate and manage content updates in both systems.