Multilingual Concerns with "Ask a Question" Beta Feature

  • 13 September 2023
  • 2 replies

Hi everyone,

Thrilled that we're now beta-testing Guru's "Ask a Question" feature—a highly requested feature for our teams on the front lines! However, I've noticed an issue that's particularly relevant for us as a bilingual organization in Canada. When posing a question in French, the system returns an answer in English, even though the French text is available on the card. This poses a significant concern for us, and I suspect it could be an issue for other multi-language environments as well.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Merci :-)

2 replies

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Hi @Nathalie Gagne 👋 I checked in with our product team and did a little testing on my own... this is a tricky one! Answers is capable of generating a response in a non-English language and matching the language the question was asked in, it’s just that the results may be inconsistent. It’s not a bug, more so that LLMs are unpredictable. I’m glad you raised this because it’s definitely something for multi-language teams to consider when testing for their use case and workflow.

Hi @Marie Frei  Thanks very much for your reply!

I will allow myself to delve into greater detail. All of our cards are bilingual, housing both languages within a single card. My expectation is that when I pose a question in a particular language, the system should discern that the answer, if available, should be in the same language. This is very problematic in our case (Canadian language law) and would limit/end any plans to eventually launch a public facing collection with the ASK A QUESTION.

Available if you require more details.

Thanks for all your hard work :-)