What have you accomplished this week? Share your Guru wins! 🎉

  • 15 October 2021
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Happy Friday Guru Community! It’s worth celebrating the progress you’ve made this week on Guru. Vote in the poll! Whether it’s big or small, drop more details about your wins below!


Also, special shoutout to:

This week’s top leaderboard users who’ve done a great job of asking questions, answering questions, dropping product feedback, and exploring what the community has to offer!

@Grace Taylor  @Ewan Farry @Paulina Lipinska @Crystal Horn @Ali Berman @kelly @Allie Sokoloff @Joaquin Felix Dalla Via @Jesse McKeil @Siobhan Hyser  !


Posts of the Week: 

  • Curious about maximizing Guru for onboarding? Take a look at @Paulina Lipinska ‘s post and see what the Guru Community had to say!
  • Accessibility, always! Shout out to @Crystal Horn  for bringing accessibility top of mind. Learn in her post what’s on Guru’s product roadmap for accessibility, and tips for creating Guru cards that keep accessibility in mind.

What we're your Guru wins this week?

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I held an enablement session around Customer Stories for my team this week! I had used this session as a milestone date to rebranding and cleaning up our Customer Story Cards in Guru and distributing ownership.


Feels good that we held it, but everything they say about enablement around the enablement session is true! Some ways I’m continuing enablement:

  • Keeping an eye on the use of Story Cards in Guru Analytics and post in our dedicated #customer-stories slack channel what the most popular cards are
  • Highlight a Card in our #customer-stories slack channel that’s relevant to a specific use case so folks have more opportunities to learn about the resources that do exist and feel more confident
  • Distributing Card ownership and verification responsibilities in a timely way - instead of overwhelming passing on several cards to a busy AM/CSM, I’m aligning card reassignments in an upcoming milestone where we will be refreshing account notes anyway!


If anyone voted enablement, what has your enablement looked like this week? Congrats on all of your Guru wins!