How Guru helped accelerate onboarding for your teams?

  • 12 October 2021
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Hi, I’m interested in how Guru helped other companies to accelerate the onboarding process and make it more efficient in the long run. 

Would anybody be willing to share the insight, good practices and their solutions? We are considering using Guru but want to be sure whether it’s a right choice.

8 replies

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Hi @Paulina Lipinska , great question! Looping in @Ewan Farry  @kelly @Ali Berman @Gabriel Ginorio  @Zev Zoldan @Allie Sokoloff who I’ve chatted with about this in the past and may be able to share some inspiration! 


At Guru, we think about the onboarding process as creating a meaningful experience for a new employee. We organize onboarding information in Guru in a way that new hires can follow through their first 90 days and as they grow with the company, helping them to not feel overwhelmed. We reinforce their onboarding experience with knowledge triggers.

I recommend checking out these resources for more inspiration as well: 


Lastly, @Ewan Farry  shared some ways he’s been automating new hire experiences using Guru workflows in one of our last Deep Dives. Check that out here


Keep us updated on how it goes / any other questions you may have! :)

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Hello @Paulina Lipinska 

First of all if you are thinking of implementing Guru, I can highly recommend it! our company have been through a few similar platforms which on paper look to do the job, but there is always some limitations or clunky ways of making thing work the way you want them to.

I would suggest if you are looking to enhance your onboarding experience, that you first think of the standard processes you already have in place, identify the ones that take a while or rely on someone going through some steps manually, then automate them all!

Guru integrates well with both Zapier and Workato and also via their own API/Webhooks.

One beautifully simple application we have in place, to give you an idea, is to synchronise the creation of a new user in Slack with an invite to join their team in Guru (set up like below) You can customise the welcome content and tailor it to their specific role.

To take it further, you would be able to build in other steps such as inviting them to different Slack channels automatically, or adding a template in Guru with their Bio using their Slack avatar, there isn’t really any limitations at all.

Hope this is of help :slight_smile:


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We allow all new employees access to Guru as soon as they accept and helps speed the onboarding process!

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Hi! Happy to connect further - I migrated our entire Sales team’s onboarding from Google docs over to Guru and it was the absolute best decision ever. I have a different onboarding group for each team, and then within those, each section is broken down week by week - and all hyperlink out to different cards within Guru.

A few helpful tips:

Each card is structured: 

  • Focus
  • Meetings to setup (Being virtual, i put more of the onus on the new hire to setup and works well!)
  • Shadowing to setup
  • Self learning

And then a fun tip from this fabulous group - an iframe to a google doc with a checklist of all the above items so the new hire can check off as they go step by step. 


Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out if you would like to see it. Happy to share on a call. 

Thank you all for valuable input! It will definitely make our life and Onboarding easier :) 

I will be reaching out directly to you to gather more information.

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We created a people onboarding flow with a Guru Collection and an Asana template. New hires get their own Asana board (generated from the template) with tasks that relate to Cards in our Welcome Collection on Guru. The board (and hence the process) is structured by first day, first week, and first month. Due dates are dynamically populated from the date you set for the Asana board. A new hire would work through their tasks and have check-ins with their Lead to review their progress, get questions answered etc (reverse classroom).

Asana template incl. instructions

Our Welcome Collection on Guru is partly based on Human Made’s company handbook which they open-sourced under a CC BY-SA 4.0 licence. (Fwiw, it’s an amazing resource!) Our Collection covers general onboarding stuff that isn’t related to a specific role – software, hardware, code of conduct, company policies, organisational things, general product knowledge etc. Role-specific knowledge is hosted in other Collections, and Leads can add role-specific onboarding tasks to the new person’s Asana board as they see fit.

Welcome Collection in Guru


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Late to the party here, but we just released an on-demand training series for New Hire Onboarding in Guru Academy. Some of the education in this training is Guru-agnostic and can be helpful for folks looking for general onboarding knowledge, and some is Guru-specific with an emphasis on pushing prescriptive knowledge to teammates using Knowledge Triggers + reducing repeat questions with the Slack integration. 

If this sounds helpful, check it out on Guru Academy :mortar_board:

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Hi @Katya Stepanova! Tagging you into this post for a while back that has a great round up of user-generated ideas around automating onboarding with zaps or task management platforms. Hoping it can continue to spark ideas for your team, or you can add to the discussion with what you have created at Wrike.

Specifically, your workflow to notify verifiers in Wrike when a card goes unverified is so helpful if you want to share.  :blush: