Ability to add a description for the Board

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For me it seems that editing description for Board is not possible anymore, does anyone know the reason?

Old interface looked like this:

But new interface is missing “Edit name/description” menu item:


Hmm … still no answers after 1 month passed 😥

Did I forgot something while asking? 🤔

Hi @Vitali Petrov, sorry no one responded to you sooner! I checked with our product team on this. We felt the prior implementation of Board and Board Group descriptions did not provide a good user experience when we updated the navigation in the Guru web app recently, so we decided to remove Board and Board Group descriptions. We’re considering how to bring this functionality back. Can you share more about how you’d ideally like to use Board and Board Group descriptions and what challenges this might solve?

Hi @Chris Anderson , thank you for your answer.

We used Board descriptions to store additional information we need, so that we could use it in our FAQ solution there information is synchronized from Guru.

For example, if you check this page → https://www.xolo.io/zz-en/faq/xolo-spain/category/get-started

then you can see how we use descriptions from Guru:

Text shown in red rectangle comes from Guru Board description, so that if we look into the Guru side, then it looks like this:


Just showing Board name is not enough for our FAQ, because we want to show a little bit more information about the different categories we have in our FAQ:

As you can see from the picture above, “Service” and “Platform” do not have descriptions right now and are looking less informative in this page.

So to summarize, our current solution is so that:

  • we sync Guru content to our FAQ
  • we need a way to add some additional information to Boards and Board Groups in Guru so that we could display it on our FAQ
  • we used Board description field for this, but now it is not available for editing

Now questions regarding your consideration to bring this “Board description editing” functionality back:

  1. Do I understood correctly that it is not possible to enable this functionality easily (I mean without additional development on your side)?
  2. How important this feature is for Guru app and how fast it could be brought back if considered important?

It would be good for us to get answers to these questions as soon as possible to consider if we could just wait for Guru solution or should we develop some workaround to keep our current FAQ solution informative enough. 

Hi @Vitali Petrov - thanks for sharing details on how your team would ideally like to use Board descriptions, very helpful. I checked in with the Product team on this. We will definitely revisit bringing this functionality back as part of ongoing improvements to Guru’s navigation, aiming to make it more discoverable and a better experience overall; however, we do not have a timeframe we can share yet. We'll continue to monitor customer interest in this functionality to help inform prioritization alongside other needs we see from customers. Thanks again!


We have the same issue as Vitaly have described. 
Any suggested workarounds to do what Vitaly is doing without using Board description?

@Vitali Petrov Did you implement a workaround or are you still waiting for the Guru team?

Hi @Mattias Fredin , yes we are kind of waiting for the Guru team because the problem itself seems not to be of the highest priority for our product right now.

We also have an option to implement solution so that we could update descriptions from our back-office side on a need basis.