Ability to make a board public

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I know the current solution for using one public Guru card as a “landing page” and then having a table of contents link out to other public cards. I think it would be more time saving and helpful to have the ability to make an entire board public, so that if a set of Guru cards needs to be shared externally to a client they have what they need. 

The table of contents on a “landing page” guru card is a bit time consuming and it would be great to just assign a board to be public.

I fully agree and upvote this! 

Yes, and to be specific, if a folder could be shared and be public instead of having to share the TOC list of cards as mentioned by @Dan Laparra, this would add flexibility. Would be really useful for our team for onboarding new team members before they have an internal email address/Guru account.

We would also like to see this! The TOC card isn’t a great option for us. Sharing a specific folder from a collection or even the entire collection itself would be helpful.