Ability to search embedded files

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The ability to search embedded files would be extremely helpful. 

We link and embed files on Guru Cards from external sources (SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.). Sometimes the content of these files can be copied into the Card content itself, but that is not always the best path forward  for our use case. 

It would be very beneficial if our employees could find the information they are looking for faster and easier by using the search bar to find the cards that contain the files with the information they are looking for. 

I see the search bar picks up content in files attached to a Card (hosted by Guru), but this is not usually the best option for our use case. 

Thank you!

Agreed. If Guru could search embedded iframe content it would make transitioning away from other tools like SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive Suite, etc.) easier.

People who are still comfortable using those existing tools can continue to use them while the rest of the guru crew can still find them with updated information.


Guru does apparently searches attachments..but this isn’t the same: https://help.getguru.com/en/articles/5371873-how-content-is-indexed-for-search-in-guru




Adding to this topic as well!  We have policy documents and UW guides along with other Google Docs that are live working documents that are full of information.  It would be amazing for the search ability to search the document so we can keep the live doc there so it is using the live version and constantly updates and our agents can search specific words without breaking out cards. 

I would like to add on here the ability to search for links, either through a standard search or through card manager. this would be helpful in situations where a link needs to be updated and/or we need to search for all the cards that the link lives on. as it is right now, it can be difficult to track down links especially if they’re hyperlinked, meaning the URL isn’t explicitly written in the text of the card and isn’t easily searchable

Related to the original idea but I think something that would more likely solve this problem…

Have GURU card search results show up in other search engine results in Chrome.

So if you search [Google, Sharepoint, JIRA, Confluence, Asana, Slack, Dropbox, Trello, etc. ]  via Chrome,
the GURU chrome extension detects the search bar submission--- grabs the search terms
then searches GURU cards for that search term
then inject GURU card search results at the top of the app’s search results
This idea, I’ve put in here if you want to upvote:

The other option…
Make GURU’s search include other data sources beyond it’s own cards. So a unified search / metasearch tool like Slab does.




Just wanted to boost this feature request! A lot of our content is created in Google Slides which may also be living documents. So having to embed it into a Guru card as a PPT or PDF creates a static version that will have to be constantly reuploaded. It would be super helpful to show where in the document the search term/phrase was found too, which even Google Drive doesn’t do.

Hey everyone! 👋 Wanted to make sure this group saw this product update because it feels relevant:

With the beta Answers feature enabled, you can connect Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox folders as well as Slack channels as sources of information, bypassing the need to attach or embed a file in a Guru Card. It’s worth pointing out, the source files are only referenced for user questions ending in “?” and won’t be referenced or appear in the list of results for keyword and phrase searches at this time. I’ll leave this feedback as open and mostly hope this sparks some ideas around how to pull together information across multiple platforms. 😊