Add synced blocks (transclusion)

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  • What is the problem? We have some content that would be ideal to live across many cards (like specific code for troubleshooting), but only be updated in one place. 

  • Who is it a problem for? Technical users

  • How do you solve the problem today? Typically make a single card, even for a very small amount of code that is G card linked over and over in cards. 

  • How would you ideally solve the problem? Consider something like notion’s synced blocks. 

  • How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact etc.)? Synced content (like this and cards living in multiple collections) is the most requested feature at our company. 

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Content blocks would be super helpful when we have general policies that apply to our many teams, but workflows that correspond with those policies vary by team and thus live in different Collections.