Card Manager: select multiple verifiers

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What: Ability to select more than one Verifier in the Card Manager.
Use case: Sometimes managers (or others) want to see all cards assigned as verifier to people on their team. Right now, we do tag cards based on board group which corresponds to a sub-team of SMEs usually, but we can't rely on the cards to be tagged with the group consistently to pull the data that way. We also can't rely on groups because, again, they are manually updated and could go out of date (and we really try to stay away from manual groups bc it's not scaleable.) So for now, we have a rather elaborate way to get an accurate list that requires exporting all cards in our Collection, looking up a list of managers and doing a pivot table to match the manager to the card verifier and sort by group. 😅
 This makes me the bottleneck for them to see an accurate, full list and I'd like to make it more self-serve! (We're looking to move some of this into Looker via the API but the dashboards aren't built yet and I figured this might not just be a "me" challenge so sharing it for posterity!)

I’d like to emphasize that the simple ability to multi-select options from any filter list in card manager would be hugely valuable. I just had a manager ask me about this.  I want managers to be able to support me and keeping our content up to date - but that is hard to get when it’s not easy for them to easy view their teams content when their content has multiple verifiers and/or multiple boards