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hi folks! has dark mode been suggested before? i just got a new giant monitor and am now blinded by Guru 😆 (i use a chrome extension to make zendesk dark mode, if there's a setting or extension for Guru lmk if i missed it!) cheers
+1 to the 🌑 mode!

Please add Dark Mode option :pray:

Thanks altogether to the development team.

I’m neuro-divergent (autistic) and deal with sensory overload. I have a dark-mode extension that helps, but an official Dark Mode would be so very amazing!

Please...join the Dark Side! :-)


Please create a dark mode for Guru.  My eyes will be forever grateful.

+1 - I hear this mentioned frequently, and in a recent survey of our users, 17 users requested this via open text comments without prompting, and they emphasized how helpful it would be for folks working late nights especially.

Bring on the dark mode!

Hi everyone 👋

Thanks so much for all your love for dark mode. At this time, we don’t have plans to add it. We will leave this open and continue to gauge your enthusiasm. If you're really craving a dark mode, some of our teammates use a browser extension called Dark Reader. As with all third-party tool recommendations, Guru is not responsible for any potential bugs or maintenance needs.


+1 Please add dark mode!

Definitely agree that dark mode is important. For anyone spending a lot of time viewing a monitor, dark mode can prevent eye strain, headaches, migraines, etc. Browser based dark mode implementations don’t tend to work very well, and a native implementation is so much better!