Disable Org Chart

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It would be great if it was possible to disable the org chart from being viewable. We already have org charts in a variety of other tools, and this just feels like one more place to add confusion. This is especially need for those of us who choose not to integrate with an HRIS. 

We already use ChartHop, so being able to disable this would be an ideal feature

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We don’t need our doc system to provide an org chart. Please provide a way to toggle its visibility.

Spoke too soon! I just found the toggle to disable org chart visibility. 🤘

@Dillon Head where did you see that toggle to disable the org chart? I think @Marie Frei indicated that it could not be hidden, but we’d love to disable the feature in our account too. Our org chart is pretty complicated with primary and secondary roles, so the actual HRIS is definitely the more accurate place to see this type of information.

Hi all, thank you for your feedback about being able to hide the new org chart functionality. Admins can now find the ability to toggle the org chart on and off for your team under Team Settings.

While we built the org chart feature to help employees understand where their peers fit in the org alongside the context of their areas of expertise, we recognize that having your org chart visible in Guru might not be the best solution for every team, so we’re adding the flexibility to hide this information.


If you’re planning on temporarily hiding the org chart until you’ve had a chance to properly set up the reporting structure, admins can easily populate the org chart by syncing information from your HRIS, or manually editing your team’s individual profiles.

If there’s anything else we can do to make the org chart more useful for you and your team, let us know! We already have a few ideas on our radar like using reporting structure to power analytics, and syncing profile data from additional sources like Microsoft Azure. As always, feel free to submit a Product Feedback post with any additional ideas and requests you may have.