Enhanced Knowledge Clipper (GAME CHANGER)

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A game-changing feature request that is already being done by another company, and falls right inside Guru’s wheelhouse!

It’s the ability to connect a Guru card to “text content” found on any webpage, this would make the text on the webpage appear a different color, indicating that when hovering your mouse over the webpage “text”, a Guru card would appear with context around that text, with the added ability to show/hide the “text-matching” card. 

To make this work on the back end, the webpage’s hyperlink would be added to the back end of the Guru card along with the “text” that should be associated with the webpage and card.  For example, within Salesforce or Hubspot, you could connect a Guru card to any text found on any webpage so that when hovering over the text, the Guru card would magically appear.  This would bring immediate context to any webpage in real-time, and it would not be limited to any particular webpage, if there is a webpage with text, you can use this feature!  The future possibilities of this are endless.

We have seen this exact method being done by a different company using a Chrome extension, so we know it’s possible using Guru’s own Chrome Extension, with some development effort of course. This would complement your new AI feature brilliantly, and make it even more compelling for companies/users to upgrade their plans. Can’t think of a better ROI than this feature!

Hey there! Thank you for sharing this feedback! We do have some capabilities that may help here, check out Knowledge Triggers as they may help accomplish what you are looking to do.