Fully Customizable Homepage

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My team would love if we could customize the full homepage versus there being an ai suggested cards section. It would make organizing important cards & displaying them to employees much cleaner. It’s important that our employees can easily access important cards without having to search around Guru to find them. 

Out of curiosity, how would you want to customize your homepages?

I think customizing homepages would be really nice for my *power* authors.

They are interested in metrics, like which of their cards are seeing the most activity, which cards are being saved, etc


+1 to Brian’s suggestion. Although there is a “featured cards” section displayed to the right side of the team dashboard/homepage, its often overlooked. The “recommended for you” is valuable in serving cards based off of an agents activity, but honestly having even just 3-4 cards that we can swap out ourselves will be super helpful and I believe can help solve information being missed.