Implement shared drafts

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As my team grows, I find peer review becoming increasingly important. When it comes to drafting Guru content we often want to get our team’s eyes on our work for both net new content and updates to pre-existing cards. What we’re struggling with currently is that if I make a draft of a card, only I can see that draft which is therefore unable to be reviewed by a peer.

We find ourselves often first generating drafts in Google Docs or Confluence to review and make adjustments and then in turn editing the relevant Guru content or making new cards. 

If shared drafts were created (i.e. everyone in the same Guru group could access drafts) or if drafts existed at the card-level (i.e. if I edit a card and then save the draft and my colleague edits the card, the draft I made appears) it’d allow for more meaningful collaboration to take place directly in Guru instead.

With the introduction of Templates a while back, adding this feature would further refine operational efficiency when it comes to generating Guru content. 

Keep up the great work, team! 💚 

Agreed! A collaborative drafting/editing feature would be great to have. We also tend to start drafts in Google docs and migrate the content into Guru, which creates extra overhead when the overall goal is to have the content live in Guru in the first place. It would be great to have this feature for new/unpublished cards, and also existing/published cards.

I wish I could upvote this 100 more times! Def a need for our team!