Improve how Grammarly and Guru work together

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We've got a lot of Grammarly users who have told me that Grammarly flags grammatical issues in Guru editor, but when you click on them it won't make the change. I'm not sure if this is a Guru or Grammarly feature request, but figure it's worth posting.
Thanks so much for posting! We're working on this, unfortunately it's a grammarly issue they don't play well with most editors, so we're working on a work around so at least it doesn't display and confuse the user!
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Grammarly is a critical tool for some of our team, particularly due to their functions around “Brand Tone” and “Style Guide.”   If you need help finding folks within Grammarly with which to partner, I’m happy to make an introduction with some Grammarly employees I’ve spoken with in the past.


cc/ @Molly Vogt 

Hi @Emily Singer and @Robert Terakedis!

I'm Jackie, an Engineer on the new editor project here at Guru. I’m happy to report that due to upcoming changes in the new version of the editor as well as from changes on Grammarly’s end, Guru and Grammarly will soon be able to work together again! Since this is under way, I’ll mark this as ‘scheduled.’ Thanks for sharing your feedback, we’ll be back with an update soon!



Hey @Jackie Feminella I hope you’re doing well 🙂 I just wanted to check if there’s any update regarding Guru & Grammarly? 

Hi @Lucia Delicova!

Thanks for following up here! This improvement is still Scheduled, and will be completed when we’ve released the new editor to all teams. You can follow along on that release progress here, and we’ll definitely be back to update this post once Grammarly is re-enabled within Guru!

Hi all, I wanted to pop in with an update!

Since our New Editor went live yesterday, our Editor is working with Grammarly again! We hope you enjoy using this integration again while working in Guru!