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Guru’s New Editor Is Live and a Peek at What's Next 🎉

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Guru’s New Editor Is Live and a Peek at What's Next 🎉

Hi Guru Community! 

I’m here to share an update that I know is important to a number of you: as of yesterday, Guru’s new editor has shipped to all Guru accounts and users 🎉. It’s been a long process, and we appreciate your patience as we worked through what’s been a very complicated undertaking.

With this release, we’ve removed several friction points and squashed some pesky bugs. Here are a few highlights:

  • No more empty placeholders: When users insert elements into their Cards, Guru will no longer insert an empty placeholder element before they’ve finished the insert flow. This reduces the amount of placeholder content that accidentally gets published and provides a cleaner experience when a user decides not to finish inserting an element in the middle of the flow.

  • Consistent linked Card styling: The titles of linked Cards will always appear, even if the user doesn’t have access to the Card. This removes the red error text that used to appear when a user did not have access to a linked Card. But don’t worry! When a user clicks on a link to a Card they don’t have permission to see, they won’t be able to open it.

  • Improved table functionality: We've made column resizing more intuitive, with the columns resizing as you drag them rather than when you release your cursor. It’s also now possible to have blocks inside of table cells, including lists!

  • Better support for IMEs: for teams who add content to Guru in languages like Japanese or Korean, improved support for IMEs means a much smoother experience.

Additionally, Grammarly has been re-enabled for Guru. The new editor works much better with Grammarly so you can now rely on this trusted tool again while working on content in Guru. 

While those improvements are great, the real goal of this release was to take an important foundational step that unblocks us from developing and releasing new features, faster. For example, Guru’s upcoming Assist feature was built on the new editor. Up next, our priority is creating a more collaborative editing and content creation experience, all while staying true to Guru’s simple, intuitive UX. Community super-users will notice that the shared drafts and collaborative editing product suggestions have been scheduled and the inline comments suggestion has been accepted, so that’s a sneak peek into where we’re focused right now!

If you have any top-of-mind editor suggestions, please share them in the Product Feedback area and help us prioritize what’s next.

Hi! Are there any plans for a feature to automatically generate a Table of Contents? Although I suppose this can be something that could be made to be toggled in view mode too, not just in the editor...

Hi @Hanna Bae,
Now that the new editor is complete we’ve begun working on our next set of improvements for authors, which, as you point out, often benefit readers of cards too. We are looking at adding table of contents  functionality but I don’t have details to share yet. I recommend subscribing to the TOC feedback post, that’ll be the first place we share updates. If you have thoughts about how you’d want a TOC to work for both authors and readers, those would also be fantastic to share on the feedback post too. Thanks!

Has anyone experienced loss of your cursor since this new update? My team is unable to see their cursor when editing a Guru card now. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s certainly slowing us down. 

Hi @Devin Luby

I’m sorry to hear about this, I’d find that quite annoying too! This is the first instance of that problem that I’ve heard of since we started the release in January so I’m not sure if it is related or it’s something else and the timing is just coincidental. Either way, it’d be great if you could get in touch with our Support team ( so we can take a look and see what’s happening. 

Hi @Laura Desmond-Black. I know that some table functionalities changed with this release, such as being able to resize columns more easily - yay! However, is there a plan to add back the ability to select the size of your table when you add it to the card? Or insert X number of rows or columns? Not sure if this is just our instance, but when we create tables they default to two rows only and each additional row has to be added manually. I know when you copy>paste from a spreadsheet it automatically adds enough rows or columns for that content, but we create a lot of things from scratch and this update has made that more cumbersome. 


Hi @Abbey Florence, we don’t have specific plans to bring those table settings back right now but I can understand why they were helpful, I’ve heard them mentioned a few times over the last few months. If you’re up for it, it’d be helpful to see a feedback post about this so we can see if it’s of more interest than we’ve thought. 

Sure would be nice if the editor did all the basic things one would expect… such as  center text, additional text colors, etc.  Is that in the works? 

You even have an editor like that here!

@Devin Luby We had a similar issue when editing Guru cards. Turns out that a Chrome extension called “Dark Reader” was causing the issue? I uninstalled it and the issue stopped immediately. Not sure if that helps or not but its worth a shot checking other extensions if you have any installed in your browser.