Linebreak height spacing between elements and within lists

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I'm sure this has been mentioned over and over again but you guys are overhauling the editor, right? It doesn't operate as one would expect, is super limited in terms of capabilities and tools, and seems to be super opinionated in strange ways like the fact that I can't copy some text from a list item or any element (h1, h2, h3, p tag, etc.) and paste it into a new element unformatted, it always carries over the original element's formatting and turns whatever I'm trying to make it into now into what it was before. For example, copying the text of an ordered list item and trying to paste it into a new paragraph element I added to the page turns that paragraph element into an ordered list or it just appends the text to the original ordered list as a new list item and deletes my paragraph element… Strange.

Also, not being able to put single-line spaces between list items without using *SHIFT + RETURN* feels dirty and I really don't like how there's a huge amount of space between a paragraph and an ordered list that isn't there between, say, a heading (h1, h2, h3) and an ordered list. Attached screenshot should show what I'm talking about.

I pray the editor sees some love and soon. 🙏 Thanks for listening, y'all.screenshot2021-02-18at21802am_2216.png
Hi @adrian.sinnott, thanks so much for the detailed feedback and candor! Yes, we've been upgrading the editor and it's a continued area of focus for improvements. I don't have specifics on the items you mentioned, but I'm passing this feedback along to right Product team now!
Thank you, Chris!!! Looking forward to seeing what you all have been working on when it gets released. :slightlysmilingface:
@chrisanderson, t'would also be great to be able to place images inline with the text (side-by-side, text flows around, etc.).
Agreed, thanks @adrian.sinnott, I passed that feedback along as well.
2nd-ing the images inline, that would be so sweet.

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for submitting your feedback! I’m seeing three pieces of feedback in your post (generally we want one topic per post for easy tracking), so let me make sure I understand them correctly:


Re: pasting without formatting

You’re wanting to paste formatted content with all the formatted removed. This is intended behavior. 🙂 However! There’s a way to paste the content formatted with a keyboard shortcut (sometimes the browser has an option to right click and paste without formatting): Ctrl+S+V (Cmd+S+V if you’re on a Mac).


I attached a gif to show you what it looks like with formatted pasting versus unformatted pasting.


Re: spacing

The height of the line breaks between elements (paragraphs, lists, code blocks) is quite large. Additionally, there’s no way to create line breaks between lists (bulleted, numbered) without creating new lists. We’ve heard this feedback a lot internally and externally! I’m going to make that the main topic of this thread. :)


Re: inline images

There’s another feedback post -- please add your votes there if you have not yet!