Make it possible to link directly to a subheader

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It needs to be possible to link directly to a subheader in a Guru card so you can point people directly to that section of a card. While cards should be short and easily digestible, they’ll still need subheader content, and we should be able to direct users immediately to that content without them needing to scroll. It is really important to be able to not only reference headers between Guru cards, but also link to them externally, such as in a Slack message.

Definitely agree! We have some technical content that requires long cards, so this would help us greatly. 

100% Agree!

What’s frustrating is this request goes back years, and it was even supposedly added a year ago but appears to have vanished!

It would be incredibly useful to link team members to specific sections or to link between sections in the same card for in-depth technical breakdowns.

This is a must have!

(@James Kelly, just noting that the feature you linked to is different from this request—that’s from when the organizational hierarchy included boards and board sections orather than just folders all the way down], so it was referring to linking directly to a board section /which then had multiple cards in it], not to a particular section/subheading within a card. I agree that the feature requested in this thread would be very helpful, but just wanted to help clarify that it has never been implemented before.)

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Hi! Adding in on this, we had a discussion with our team this week where we were thinking how great it would be if we could link not just another card but to the specific section of that card so our users don’t have to be scrolling/checking the ToC (we’re using markdowns to create ToCs as Guru’s ToC feature does not quite fit our needs) but rather be redirected straight to where we want to send them.


If there is a way how to do that using markdown and anchoring, please let me know, it would be great help to us.



Just want to take the opportunity to stress this also from our side. We have a lot of cross-team content, additionally to team-specific content. This means that some content (= answer) is stored in a shared collection, while specific questions might only be found in restricted collections. In those cases, we need to link the specific card to the section in the shared card.

We have just fairly recently moved all our content to Guru and are now facing the issue that we have dozens of links that lead to now deleted Confluence pages, and we can’t replace them. So the only way to solve this would be through replicating tons of content, which is an immense manual work.

HUGE agree.

I understand that this feature isn’t going to make news headlines or be the next “AI” type feature but this feature this trivial to fix shouldn’t require a major voting drive to get prioritized.

  1. Anchor tags are trivial to add to a website. Guru already adds anchor tags to the current cards (just not always in a usable format).
  1. I know the anchor tags are already there but noticed they already half work (work with 1 word headers but not with two word headers or headers with special characters). 


So all we are really voting for is for a Guru developer to 1) generate a different anchor tag than the tags already being generated today, 2) make it so all anchor tags are usable o matter what letters, numbers, and special characters are in the header, 3) somehow let users know what the generated anchor tag is for a header (maybe with a tool tip when you hoover over the header? Or right clicking on a header lets you copy the direct link?).

Fixing this feature shouldn’t be a heavy lift.