Manually map HRIS (Workday) Employee Profile fields

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Much like a couple of the commenters on the “Update Employee Profiles Automatically: New HRIS Sync” post, we’re blocked from implementing the new HRIS sync from Workday until we can use the Business Title as opposed to the current Job Profile.

Not only does our Job Profile field have salary band implications, it’s also confusing. For example, my business title in Workday is “Knowledge Manager,” but my Workday job profile is “Business Process Analyst.”

And I’m joining the chorus of voices asking how fields from Workday map to the profile fields in Guru. Our HR Operations team is looking for more explicit integration documentation before we can move forward. 

That said, I’m really excited about this functionality once we can resolve these issues! I think the HRIS sync will be a great way of contextualizing our Guru contributors within the larger org. 

Hey @AEstrich! 👋 Great news. The HRIS sync feature has the capability to manually map the 'Job Title' field in Guru to a Workday field of your choice, allowing you to select the most suitable option.

From the HRIS Syncs page within Settings, click Edit sync, then click Map fields. From the interface, you’ll select the field in your HRIS platform that you'd like to map to "job_title" in Guru. Click Save mappings and Finish Setup to save your changes.

Does this help resolve the “Business Title” “Job Profile” issue?