Minimize or close Card opened from Chrome extension when minimizing the extension

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Hi everyone! 

I’ve noticed lately that when I open a card from the Chrome extension, if I minimize the extension, the card remains open instead of being minimized together with the extension. I’m using Chrome extension on Mac with my own shortcut but have received the same feedback from several our users using Chrome extension on Mac as well as Windows.

Is this new expected behaviour? If so, any chance this will be reverted? For our users, it is very distracting if they have to close the card and then open it again when minimizing the Chrome extension while working on a case.

Hey @Lucia Delicova 👋 I checked in with our Product team and this behavior is expected. It was released in conjunction with the Knowledge Triggers update. As a next step, I’ll convert this post to an “Idea” so that other Guru users can upvote their preference to revert back to the previous Card exit behavior or to at least give users the option to decide which behavior works best in their workflow. In all, I’m really sorry for any inconvenience the extra click is causing and thank you for speaking up!

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I use a keyboard shortcut also to open/close the extension and it’s annoying to then need to mouse to close the open card instead of having the whole thing close. Please give us the option to set the behavior! I keep finding myself hitting the shortcut a few times before I remember it doesn’t work anymore to close the cards.  Thanks for any change you can make on this!!!!

I also think that it affects the viewership numbers since, if you need to have the card open but are following a more complex process, closing the card and then opening it again for the same reason just makes no sense instead of simply minimising and opening the extension together with the card and only close the card once no longer needed.

Noting my interest in an option toggle this behavior on/off or an extra X option in the extension to close both the extension and the card.



Please update your Guru browser extension to the latest version to see the open Card close along with the extension. Thanks again for all your feedback!