Release Note

New + improved Knowledge Triggers: manage in the web app, add descriptions, and more!

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New + improved Knowledge Triggers: manage in the web app, add descriptions, and more!

Hello again Guru Community! 

Today I’m excited to announce some big and exciting changes to Knowledge Triggers. We’ve added a new page within Guru’s web application that allows authors and admins to easily create, manage, and track Knowledge Triggers. 

The Knowledge Triggers page can be found by navigating to Settings and will be listed under Guru Tools. You’ll be able to see all Knowledge Triggers for your Guru instance, including:

  • Who created them
  • What date they were created on
  • Who created the Trigger
  • The last time the Knowledge Triggers were activated 

From this new page, you can also create new Knowledge Triggers (you can still do this within the Chrome extension), delete any Triggers, and edit existing Triggers.

When it comes to Knowledge Triggers, context is key. That’s why we’ve added the ability to add descriptions to your Triggers that will display for end users. That way they’ll understand why the Trigger is activated and how they can use it. 

Have Knowledge Triggers that you want to make sure your team doesn’t miss? We’ve also added the ability to choose how your Triggers display to your users. You can decide between a quieter notification with just an icon (this is how KT’s have historically displayed), or you now have the option to choose a louder notification that will display both the card title and the description. Any existing Triggers you have setup will continue to have the quieter notification unless you update them.

But wait…there’s more! We’ve also updated the Knowledge Trigger icon to be more visually striking with our latest branding.


Not familiar with Knowledge Triggers? Knowledge Triggers are a feature within Guru’s Chrome Extension that helps to surface knowledge to groups based on specified content or fields on the webpage they are viewing. Deliver the right knowledge to the right people, in their flow of work.


This is great! Although we do find the small icon to be too small for our users to notice it (we tested that even with the previous one, our users didn’t pay too much attention to it) but we love the option to show the name of the card, therefore make the Trigger more visible!

Do you plan to implement such an option to AI Suggest Text feature, too? We are introducing the feature to our team and we think that having the option to open the extension with suggestions automatically will change the behaviour of our users and increase the usage of the feature.