Removing/Filtering Resolved Comments from Mentions view

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The “Mentions” queue has a tendency to build up quickly for verifiers when there’s a lot of activity, making it hard to identify what tasks need resolution vs. what tasks were resolved by other team members. Our team members spend a lot of time opening each mention and then reviewing it to see if 1) another teammate responded/resolved the issue or 2) the group member still needs to follow up to the agent’s request. When we have multiple team members in a group, this often results in most time being spent dismissing notifications because they have already been actioned on or resolved by another group member. 

Request/Proposed Solution:
Make Mentions a more collaborative queue that allows group members to quickly identify which Mentions require an action (similar to how the Verification queue works). Best case would be to have resolved Mentions automatically disappear from the Mentions queue. An additional solution could be providing the user with the option to filter out resolved comments from the Mentions section so they can quickly identify which Comments need a response/follow-up.

This would be great!

I was just about to make a separate question about this. Has anyone found a way to avoid this issue?

Adding to this request as well!  I will be getting some additional help inside of Guru and have comments set to go to a certain group of verifiers.  I currently answer a lot of comments directly from the Guru Slack App so when it comes time to go into Mentions I spend more time opening/deleting comments than actually working them due to resolved comments still showing in the mentions as not handled.  This is a huge waste of time.  I would love to be able to see opened vs resolved comments at a minimum. Thank you!

Raising this again from its tomb. We are a team of 4 people working on Guru content, and it’s really frustrating to see this list of comments, not knowing which actually needs action.

Even if the person, who solved the comment, deletes the notification, it’s still shown to other team members, there is absolutely no way to collaborate on comments.

Please tackle this asap.

I will add again (last comment was a year ago from me), but I just returned from an 11 week parental leave and I had over 100 comments in my Mentions and I knew most, if not all, were resolved.  However, I still had to go through each one which was time consuming and frustrating. 

@Kendall Sipp-Paris I feel your pain. I was ooo for just about a week and came back to over 70 comments, most of them already solved. I had to open each and every one of them one by one to get rid of the notifications so I can start with a clean sheet as I usually triage the comments to different categories before we start working on them (reporting purposes plus we sometimes need to work with other stakeholders).

@Lucia Delicova it does stink!  Also, I’m going to DM you.  I’m intrigued about your triage process and what your reporting looks like!