Scribe Integration

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Please connect with the team at to discuss the potential of adding a direct integration similar to what they have created with “Confluence”. Scribe is making major headway in the automation of SOPs and a direct integration will provide a much larger audience to Guru.

Hi @arashidi, Marie with Guru here! 👋 I was just reviewing Scribe’s documentation on their Confluence integration. Does the ability to embed Scribes into Guru Cards interest you? Here’s a tutorial.

Thanks Marie, that’s what we are currently doing (extracting links and then placing them manually into Guru), however, the Confluence Scribe integration is a direct integration that allows you to export your Scribes directly into Confluence, so we can connect Confluence directly to Scribe and then from our Scribe dashboard, select how we want the scribes to appear within the Confluence account (ie using Scribes “Smart Embed” setting, “Scrollable” setting, etc).  This type of integration is very powerful as it allows flexibility to adjust the Scribe appearance across all Confluence domains in a single click. 

Alternatively, without this feature, we would need to go into every Guru card and manually update the embed link if any settings were adjusted to our Scribes, this would prevent most companies from scaling efficiently. Having directly experienced both Guru and Scribe, I see massive potential in a direct integration between your platforms, not only are your audiences very similar, but your individual functionalities when directly integrated could provide an endless opportunity for companies to scale to enterprise levels.

Although costly and time-consuming to develop, direct integrations between SOP recording platforms similar to Scribe and knowledge base platforms like Guru are what will make companies stand out from the pack.  Just my 2 cents :)

This would be huge.  We use Scribe, but it would take us weeks to move scribes over to Guru if we wanted to try and consolidate some things.   But Scribe is unbeatable for creating “SOPs”.  Would love to get them into Guru so they are searchable or even better, every scribe is automatically turned into a card, so we can use both.  It doesn’t make sense to use Guru until there’s an integration.