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The current search filters allow filtering by collection and tags. It would be useful to be able to filter by boards as well. At present, certain topics that may only have 5-10 cards need their own collection so they can be filtered for in a search. They would work better under a related collection or even a miscellaneous collection. 

Hi Lou, 

PM for search here, thanks for posting this! I’ve heard it a couple of times before so I’m glad to have a place where we can keep track of interest. 

While this work has gone slower than I’d hoped, we are making progress on adding the filters I mention here to the search results page in the web app (sorts will be first). Though this set of filters doesn’t include Boards (we’ve prioritized boards as a result instead, as discussed here), once we get through these initial filters, my thought was that we’d add more filters in the future, Boards being a likely option. 

If you have a chance, I’m curious why tagging and filtering by tags isn’t an option for your team? Is it the extra effort of tagging? Understandable if so!  


We can go to a particular board before and search within the board. I wonder why Guru removed it :(

Hi @Liezl Gaspay

That functionality is coming back, and soon. We wanted to release the new UI quickly and couldn’t quite fit that piece in. That said we know searching within a board is something many teams rely on which is why work for it is already happening. I suggest subscribing to this post so you can get updates about our progress. 

Hi @Liezl Gaspay just following up, searching within Boards (and Collections!) was launched today 🎉