Request for participants - Early Access Program for a search improvement

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We are currently looking for customers who are interested in trying out a new feature that will be coming to all Guru customers very soon. We’ve long heard that it would be helpful to have more information per result on the search results page, so we are adding content snippets and highlighting to results. Check out this update from last week to learn more about what’s in progress. 

What to expect of the Early Access Program (EAP)

  • We’re planning to start the EAP on Monday October 18th

  • It will run until Friday October 22nd (we expect all EAP participants to keep the new functionality while we work to enable it for all customers after that date)

  • The functionality will be enabled for everyone on your Guru team as it’s an account-wide improvement

  • During this time you’ll be able to give us feedback through a new, specific Community forum which will also have more detailed information about the improvement

  • This improvement is for the web app only (we’ll come back to the extension soon!)

If this sounds like something your team would like to join, please comment below and we’ll get in touch.

Thank you!

Excited for this! Tagging in a handful of folks who have shared ideas and feedback on search in the past to make sure this is on your radar in case anyone’s interested in joining this early access program: @Jessica Velez @Sarah W @Alyssa Huat @Craig Doriot @flafe @Zach Dimond @kelly @Siobhan @BethAnne Freund @Harrison Waid @Ali Berman @Kaitlin Warren @Geoff Richardson @Daniel Crackower @Jessica Valero-Gil 

Yes we’d love to! I’m out Th/Fri this week and return Mon 18. Hope that’s not a blocker! 

Would be super interested over here at @WP Engine!

@Siobhan Hyser not at all! I’ll make sure to tag you on the information we share while you’re out. If you’d like we can even wait to turn it on for your team until late Monday so you have some time to catch up. 

@Jose Paez - awesome, you’re in! 

I’d love to test this out for our instance! 

Yes - would love to join EA! :) 

@Ali Berman & @kelly, terrific, you’re both in too :relaxed:

Yes, please! @Neen Daley 🎉

We would love to be part of this!

We’d love to test this out in our team.  

@Matt Garren may have already spoken on our behalf, but Noom would LOVE to be a part of this! @Jessica Velez , @Lindsey Hart and I see CTRL+F as a common step after search on our team and the previews would be a game changer! 

@Nikki Bogdan & @Taylor Paschal - both of your teams are on the list!

@Joaquin Felix Dalla Via - adding you too!

I’ll be sending all of you an email with a link to let you into the private group very shortly. There will be some more information about the EAP and the new functionality waiting for you once you join. Please take a look and if you have any questions right away, you are welcome to post. I’ll take a look later today before I sign off for the weekend and first thing Monday. 

Our current plan is to enable the functionality around 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific on Monday.

Thank you so much, we can’t wait to hear what you think!

YNAB would also love to join in on the testing, if it’s not too late!

@Laura Desmond-Black I wasn’t sure if I should’ve mentioned you in my post above, so doing it now just to be safe. 😅

@Alicia Lane, YNAB is on the list now!