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Card UI Update: New Share Menu

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Card UI Update: New Share Menu

Hello Guru Community 👋

We’ve updated the UI of Cards in Guru to make it easier to share company knowledge in all of the places where you’re working. The new Share menu, located in the top navigation bar of all Cards, shows all of the ways that users can share Guru Cards. Card visibility will be shown in the share menu with the corresponding icon and with brief text describing the level of visibility, along with the number of team members who can view the Card. You can edit permissions for the Card from within the Share menu to make sure the right people can view that information.

The following share options are available, based on permission and whether the Card is being viewed in the web app or in the extension:

  • Copy link

  • Send announcement (author and above, available on Builder plans and above)

  • Download as PDF

  • Copy embed code

  • Copy Card content

  • Copy external resource link (for synced Cards only)

  • Pin Card for all users (author and above, extension only)

If your team relies on the Copy Card command as a “one-click” option, that’s still available for you in the Chrome extension search results. Just hover over any Card and you’ll see the Copy Card Content icon in the lower right of the options menu that will appear.


We hope this update makes it even easier for you to spread Guru knowledge across your teams!

I’m at a loss for why you would move the UI from the side where it’s front and center and add an extra click to some of these? 

Seems like less than great design choices...

Hey folks! I didn’t see this thread before I added my feedback, but I wanted to link my feedback to this change here for visibility. Thank you! 

To be fully honest, I find the extension to not really be all that beneficial due to the constraints of our role to begin with.  When you're working on three chats with many different windows and six different forms to fill out, an extension that takes up a large portion of your screen is not effective.  Especially when you have at least 10 other extensions on the go for other role purposes.

It really, strongly needs to be considered when making these changes, who the end-users are.  These extra clicks and with a work-around that isn’t super-ideal, it adds up very, very quickly,  Especially when you consider what the other options they added here are, there is much better places to put links to download, announce, copy the embed code, etc.. than in the Share option.

Great ideas folks but have to agree with the colleagues above, hiding the sharing options are creating unnecessary extra work and slowing work down. Can we please move them in a way they’re one click from being shared again? Thank you kindly!

Thanks all for your feedback here and in the forum - we’re looking at how to best address it in the short term. Stay tuned, we appreciate your input!

Hi team,


I just wanted to share that our Knowledge Management team has received direct feedback from our users that they are unhappy with this change as it adds additional clicks to their workflow. I shared the hover option, as noted in the announcement, but since teammates tend to open the cards fully before copying the link, it is still adding an extra click for them.


I know this is already being looked into to some extent because of the above feedback, but wanted to make sure I shared this info from our users as well. 



I just came back from some holiday to find the Z-link removed. The team is not happy about the extra clicks as we use this feature a lot. (There’s not metrics on that but we each do about 15 tickets per day, with multiple Zendesk Help Center links so, lots of extra clicking.) 

Thanks for looking into this! Looking forward to an update. 

Hi all, thank you for your input in the last week! We've heard your request for simple access to copying and have updated the product to offer solutions:

Users can turn off the keyboard shortcuts if they prefer. Learn more about how to use the shortcuts in the Help Center.

We appreciate all the feedback and helping us understand the impact of the UI update on your workflows. While we think it's important to have one place to see all share options, we know that having simple access to commands for the most frequent actions is important. We're striking a balance between an uncluttered app, and giving you what you need to be efficient. We've added keyboard shortcuts for the most frequently-used copy commands in this update, so you don't have to click on menus at all.

PS - we’re also updating the extension, which will be live in a couple of days!


Thanks @Nicole Obst ! 

It looks like the Z-link is still two clicks - Share then “copy Zendesk link”. 

That’s such a vital part of our workflow. Is that going to remain hidden? If so, can there be a keyboard shortcut for that? 

We don’t link to a Guru card itself as much as we link to Zendesk Help Center since that’s what we send to users. 

Hi @Siobhan Hyser - we got your feedback last week and we did include this in our update. You can copy the external source of a synced Card (e.g. Zendesk link) with cmd + e (Mac) /  ctrl + e (Windows). See full explanation of how to use the shortcuts in the Help Center.

Thanks for commenting and let us know if you’re having any issues with it!

Hey Nicole - Thanks for the update - I’m on a Mac. 

I opened a card over a ticket, then pressed CMD+E, then clicked into the text field on the ticket and pressed CMD+V. It pasted what I last copied, not the Z-link. 

In this Loom, I have moused onto the card and clicked so the card is in focus before I press CMD+E. 

I realize the Z-link is in the collapsed extension but sometimes you need to look at the article first to make sure it’s the right one and/or copy some text to share with the user. 

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious? 





I just tried this in the webapp and it works. When I press CMD+E I get a message “Zendesk link copied”. 

I guess when using Guru with Zendesk (which is our primary method of interaction), if we have a card open, we’ll have to go back to the list in the extension and copy the Z-link there. Just a bit fussy on a smaller screen or if you’re like me and have a big screen but everything zoomed because you have poor vision 😅 


Hi @Siobhan Hyser - it looks like you’re using the chrome extension? We're currently still waiting for chrome store approval. Once we have that, the keyboard shortcuts will work there too. Mind double checking that it works for you in the web app?


Great to hear the kb shortcut will work once the extension is updated! Thanks so much! 

@Siobhan Hyser the updates are now available in the extension, too!

Brill! Thanks for the fast action on this based on everyone’s feedback. I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts 🙌  

Hey Guru, this update has been very detrimental to our users who rely on the Copy Zendesk Link on our externally synced cards. While I understand the motivation was to consolidate all sharing options into one area, this is impacting folks who rely on a crucial button which is now hidden behind it.

Lots of users have mistakenly copied the Guru card link and shared that with customers by accident, rather than using the Zendesk Link instead. 


  1. Can we at least make it clear that the 🔗 icon is copying the Guru card link only? There is no indication of what kind of link they’re copying (the hover text says Copy Link), and the old copy used to say Copy Guru Link.
  2. We would also prefer if the Copy Zendesk Link was moved back into the main menu rather than hidden behind the Share button. This introduces an additional unnecessary click, and not to mention, makes it harder for newer folks to easily find a crucial button. I can’t expect folks to memorize a keyboard shortcut either.