Release Note

Introducing Board Group Permissions: New and improved control over content within your Collections

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Hi Guru Community! 👋 Hot on the heels of our new navigation experience, we’ve added a new level of permissioning to Guru’s hierarchy. This is part of our ongoing work to improve how your knowledge is organized and accessed within Guru.


Starting today, you’ll be able to add permissions to your Board Groups, just like you’ve been able to do with your Boards. You can now share a Board Group–which automatically shares the Boards, Sections, and Cards within that Board Group–with user Groups in Guru without sharing the entire Collection. With Board Group Permissions, you have more control over who sees what information, giving people across teams the right level of visibility into what’s going on in your part of the company.

You’ll also notice that there have been updates made to the Board and Board Group sharing UI. These improvements were made to provide a more insightful view into who has access to specific content, and where that access came from within the overall content hierarchy. 

Check out our Help Center for more details on how Board Group and Board Permissions work.


Updated UI for Board & Board Group permissions


We’re in the process of setting up Guru for our company. We’re loving it, except for one thing with permissions. Inside a collection we would like to be able to assign author access to boards, board groups and cards. Currently we can only give read access, which means we have to give access to an entire collection if we want a team member to write a card. 
I know we could create a seperate collection, but that would require a seperate collection for each group with specific access needs. 
our ideal scenario is that each team / department has one collection and inside we assign permissions to boards and groups. That way we can have folders with sensitive information protected that only some people can access.