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New Org Chart: Visualize relationships between Guru users (plus more employee profile updates!)

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New Org Chart: Visualize relationships between Guru users (plus more employee profile updates!)

Hi again! I’m back with an update to our new employee profiles feature. We built employee profiles to underscore the fact that behind every piece of Guru content is a person at your company who’s responsible for that information. They invested the time to record that knowledge, share it, and make sure it stays up to date. 

Now with the new org chart feature, you can see how these knowledge superstars fit into the company and help move your organization towards its shared goals. The org chart that lets employees quickly see how people within your company are related to each other, alongside the context of their areas of expertise.

We believe that when you make it easy to see the “who” behind the “what” of company knowledge, relationships are strengthened, collaboration gets stronger, and engagement goes up. It’s a big win for internal comms and knowledge management!

You can access the org chart by clicking the link in the top left navigation menu.

Here’s what you need to know to make sure your org chart is populating correctly:

  • Employees need to specify their manager in their profile for the org chart to populate relationships. 

    • The fastest way to do this is through an HRIS sync. This will automatically populate employees’ profiles with their manager’s information.

    • If you don’t yet have an HRIS sync, you will need to manually add managers for each employee. Employees can do this themselves by editing their profiles, or an admin will need to manually edit employees’ profiles and select the correct manager.

  • Read more about the org chart in the help center.

In addition to adding the org chart visualization, we also added a couple of new things to the profiles page:

  • Slack profile link: Accounts with the Slack integration installed will see links to employees’ Slack profiles in their Guru profile. It’s a great way to go from identifying an expert to opening a conversation with them.

  • Pin Cards to your profile: Employees can customize their profiles with their choice of Guru Cards (whether they’re the author or not). Share projects you’re working on, highlight areas of expertise, and help your colleagues learn what’s most important to you by selecting relevant Cards.

You can also search and view profiles in the extension! This means that you’ll be able to search and find the same information in both the extension and the web app.

Here’s how profiles will show up in the extension:

  • Search results in the drop-down results menu will show a list of Cards and employee profiles that match your criteria.

  • When you type in a keyword and hit enter, you’ll see a tab with Card results and a tab labeled People that shows employee profile results.

  • Click on an employee profile from either the drop-down results menu or the People tab, and the profile will open just like a Card.

  • Read more about employee profiles in the help center.



Hi @Nicole Obst - is there a way to hide the Org Chart feature from all users as an admin?

Hey @brookethebatman! 👋 Marie here, jumping in for Nicole. We touch on this in the new Navigating your team’s org chart help center article and, unfortunately, it’s not possible to hide the feature. Can you please upvote this product feedback post and share a little more around the motivation behind the ask? It’s super helpful for the team to have this to reference and will enable other Guru users to upvote the idea, as well.

Is it possible to report on the org structure? I don’t know if I’ve missed something in the analytics tab, but it would be beneficial to be able to report on management lines and structures.

Hi @Ben Sykes, employee profile and org chart information is not yet available in our reporting and analytics functionality, but we’ve heard some interest in this capability.

If you want to share more details about what you and your team are looking for, or how you would hope the org structure was available in analytics, you could create a Product Feedback post.

Hi all, thank you for your feedback about being able to hide the new org chart functionality. Admins can now find the ability to toggle the org chart on and off for your team under Team Settings.

While we built the org chart feature to help employees understand where their peers fit in the org alongside the context of their areas of expertise, we recognize that having your org chart visible in Guru might not be the best solution for every team, so we’re adding the flexibility to hide this information.


If you’re planning on temporarily hiding the org chart until you’ve had a chance to properly set up the reporting structure, admins can easily populate the org chart by syncing information from your HRIS, or manually editing your team’s individual profiles.

If there’s anything else we can do to make the org chart more useful for you and your team, let us know! We already have a few ideas on our radar like using reporting structure to power analytics, and syncing profile data from additional sources like Microsoft Azure. As always, feel free to submit a Product Feedback post with any additional ideas and requests you may have.



Is there a way to update the managers using an excel upload?

Hi @sanmeetsahni! It is not currently possible to update the managers with an Excel upload. If you’d be up for it, we’d love to have you submit a Product Feedback post with additional details about the use case for that functionality and how you’d expect it to work.

If you have any additional questions, let us know!

Hi @Brad Turner I can do that and submit a post, however, this won’t need much work and can be done thru the USER Management Google Sheet itself where the Manager & Department can be added as additional column to update the user profile and there by feeding data to the Org Chart as well.

Hi @Brad Turner - just wanted to follow up here and thank you for adding the option to disable this. 

For additional context, I am not an admin of our HRIS system, and I was told I would have to go through a fair amount of bureaucratic hoops to get the integration set up. It would require me to file a ticket, and wait for some leadership people to figure out if it would even be possible to make me, a non-HR person, an admin to set up the integration (which is unlikely due to the sensitive information in our HRIS platform), or add an IT person to our Guru seats to handle the integration (which takes away one paid seat from our pool of available seats).

Because of all that, it wasn’t something that I thought was a high priority to pursue at the moment. Besides, our organization knows how to access the org chart through our HRIS system directly anyways, so we are able to fulfill this need elsewhere in the meantime. 

I hope the above is a valuable insight into why I was not able to make use of this new org chart feature.