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Renamed Feature: Announcements (formerly known as Knowledge Alerts)

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Renamed Feature: Announcements (formerly known as Knowledge Alerts)

Hello Guru Community 👋

With Guru’s announcements feature, it’s easy to send information to everyone on your Guru team and confirm they’ve seen it.

We’ve learned a lot from our customers that use Knowledge Alerts, and we’re re-naming that feature to announcements because we’ve seen how effective they are at flagging the most important information that people need to know.

When you send an announcement, team members will be prompted to read the Card (either in Guru, Slack, Teams, or email) and acknowledge that they’ve read the information. You can then get a report of who’s read the Card, and make sure everyone’s on the same page. And with the updates to this feature released earlier this year, it’s even easier to send announcements to individuals, groups, or to your whole team on Guru.

We’d love to hear how your team is using announcements! Leave a comment in this post, or head over to the Product Feedback area of the Community.

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