Can you exclude Cards with a specific tag in search?

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Is there a way to exclude cards with a specific tag in your search? For example if we mark cards with #experiment because they're part of a test, can we then search and exclude that tag?

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@sarahw not currently, but that's an interesting idea - I'll share with our Product team! You can, however, do this via Card Manager by filtering by Tag `does not have tag:`

Hi, is this feature working?

I see it’s in the doc, but doesn’t filter out cards for me in the search :(

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Hi @Mykhailo Ivanyna, thanks for reaching out! It looks like you’ve been working with our Technical Support team to get this just right so I’ll share a summary here for everyone’s reference.

First, if you’re not an admin, you’ll obtain API credentials from a Guru admin. The results of your requests made with your token will be based on your permissions in Guru, so your results will be specific to the Collections/Cards and user role that you have access to. See more on the differences between the two token types - user and collection - here.

The most effective way to filter out Cards with a specific tag is by using the JSON query. In Card Manager, there’s a “Tags” filter for “has tag” and “does not have tag”. Filter the Cards you have access to by “does not have tag” and type the tag into the text box. Apply any other relevant filters to your list of Cards. Then, locate the “Copy filters as JSON” at the top of the Filter by Attribute column. 


When searching for Cards using the search bar in the web app or extension, or when searching in Slack or Teams, there’s unfortunately no way to omit Cards from the results based on a certain tag. This is an example of Product Feedback to log. As a workaround, if the user is an author or Collection owner, they’ll see Card Manager and can use the filters to narrow down Cards without a specific tag.

Are there plans to implement this filtering by the tag in the search API? 


Can you search by both the title and the content of the card in the Card Manager in one search?

The difference between the search and the card manager is that search returns results from the content and the title and card manager api only can be filtered by the title(haven’t found the content).

For example I have two cards:

  1. Card 1
    1. Title Welcome
    2. Content - Hi there
  2. Card 2
    1. Title Hi there
    2. Content Welcome to the card

The search with the searchTerms Welcome will return both cards.

Card manager will return only Card 1


I think it would be great if those tags filtering could be added to the search API.

As those two API are different and can’t replace one other.