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  • 21 June 2022
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Hi there!

We are quite new to Guru and love it so far! I want to start incorporating interactive learning and am curious if there are any LMS that work with Guru that allow for course creation with quizzes and such? Thanks in advance!

5 replies

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Hey Lena! There are a number of LMSes that, thanks to Guru’s embed function, work amazingly well. Two I’ve had experience with are Workramp and Lessonly, but Skilljar (which hosts Guru Academy) also works.

Really depends on whether you want something with native course authoring or have an instructional designer and authoring tools.

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We use WorkRamp (+Iorad as an add on) at my company and the integration with Guru is great! The integration works both ways which is nice - we embed Guru Cards in a lot of our WorkRamp Guides, but you also can embed WorkRamp Guides and Iorad tutorials directly into Guru Cards.


WorkRamp also has a ton of interactive features like quizzes, matching games, etc.

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We use Seismic / Lessonly here at Ceros- like Workramp, they have prebuilt functionality for flipcards and more, and easily allow you to embed HTML for interactive assets built in other platforms. We also embed Guru cards directly into our lessons for additional reference materials.

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Hi @Valerie Renda

Since your company uses Iorad already, I wanted to point out that we have an Iorad + Guru integration already built out! If you have the Iorad extension already installed in your web browser, you’ll be able to open a new Guru card and click the Iorad button right from within our editor!

Hope this is helpful!

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@Joe Duffy Yes, I use the Iorad + Guru integration already and I love it!