Dashboard shows very old announcement that doesn't show in my read or unread

  • 19 July 2022
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We’re not able to clear this. It’s not showing in read or unread. 

It’s been here ever since the UI change. This happens for me and my colleagues, not just one person. 


7 replies

Hi @Siobhan Hyser, thanks for asking about this. You should be able to remove announcements in one of two ways:

  1. Delete the announcement: Ask the original sender of the announcement to navigate to Tasks -> Announcements -> Sent, and then click the trash icon next to that announcement.
  2. Archive the Card: If the original sender is no longer with your company, you can Archive the Card (it will still be accessible in the Card Manager under "Archived", but not via search).

Is the sender of the announcement able to see it and delete it using the first method above?

Also, two FYIs for awareness:

  1. Newer announcements will push older ones down and eventually off the dashboard.
  2. If a user joined the team after an announcement was originally sent, it won’t show up in their announcements inbox (read or unread)

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The original sender is no longer with us and we don’t want to archive the card. The announcement was about an update on the card. 

There have been several announcements/knowledge alerts since that one in 2020, as shown below. None of these are showing on the dashboard, including the one I just test to see if it would clear it. 

Cleared cache, logged out and back in, the old one is still there. 



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Just wondering if there’s an update on this? It’s still showing for us. 

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@Siobhan Hyser Lily here from Guru 👋🏻 Sorry you’re experiencing this issue!


To clarify, only announcements sent to the All Members Group will appear on the announcements dashboard. When you say “There have been several announcements/knowledge alerts since that one in 2020, as shown below. None of these are showing on the dashboard, including the one I just test to see if it would clear it,” were these announcements sent to the All Members Group? If yes, please reach out to as that sounds like a bug. 


Unfortunately, the only options to remove the announcement are the ones Chris provided above. I just tested archiving a Card and restoring it to see if the announcement came back to the dashboard, and it does :( In your case, you could copy/paste the content into a new Card and archive the old Card. You would lose version history, analytics, and favorites on the original Card, but the announcement would be gone from everyone’s dashboards. Would that option work for you?

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Hey Lily - Thanks for getting back to me. None of these were sent to All Members. 

I can’t see the original notification for the stuck Knowledge Alert at all, so I don’t know if it was sent to All Members but I don’t think it would have been. It doesn’t show in my “read” list at all so I can’t see it to be sure.

I have to say this is pretty disappointing that the only solution is to recreate the card because I’m not confident that doing so wouldn’t just result in another card then getting stuck. 

Appreciate the workaround however and hopefully it does not “stick” a different card. 

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@Siobhan Hyser Completely hear you on the frustration!

I took a look at our backend data, and this particular announcement was sent to the All Members Group on March 6, 2020, and it looks like no announcements have been sent to All Members since, so the feature is performing as expected (it is not a bug). I can’t say why the announcement isn’t showing up in your inbox, however. As Chris mentioned, the dashboard only shows the past 3 announcements, so this one will get “pushed” off the dashboard over time if you don’t wish to Archive the Card. I hope this helps! 


In the meantime, I’d recommend creating a separate Feedback post letting our Product team know that you’d like to be able to remove an announcement from the dashboard!

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Thanks for checking on that to see if it was sent to All Members! 

We would rarely use the All Members feature and it would be more helpful for people to see Announcements related to their own groups on the dashboard. (I’ll make a feedback post as you suggested :-) ) 

I’ll check with the other team who owns this card to see if they want to recreate it (It links to 5 other cards so they’d have to update the link on those) or if we can find a generic card to send an All Members announcement to.