Do you have any tips on how to implement new software at your company?

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`Hey everyone!` Special thanks to those who attended the Guru Deep Dive today with @csouter and @shona! We had a bunch of questions roll in re: how to implement new software. Continuing the awesome conversation here with these questions from @becci.howe
1. Do you have any tips for keeping engagement high once the system has been implemented and in use for a while. Aka when the "shiny new" feeling has worn off? 
2. Do you have any tips around marrying up the way our staff are searching versus tag management success? Would you spend time directing ways to search, or manage how teams are actively searching reactively?

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My best advise for #1 is to do some monthly (or at least quarterly) update email. Ours features top users, top card creators, "cards you may have missed", and any relevant product updates from Guru. I stick gifs in each one, make sure we link to cards that are high-impact / interesting, and sometimes show top search terms/top used cards too.
2. We actively test search phrases when new cards are made to see if they show up high enough in the search result using search phrases we think the users might use. And then we actually change the card titles based on the results as the title is the first search criteria. Sometimes we add a "tag" to the title, e.g. Card title [system name], if the card title itself might conflict with other cards and need more explanation.
For everyone out there with OCD the card titles hurt a but, but they are way more efficient :slightlysmilingface:
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We also try to keep Guru engaging by including culture building items into Guru as part of our Internal Comms use case: here are some examples of what we use Guru for outside of just work:
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And yes, I think search education is important, including how to search by tags and by collection. We are continuing to work on search; here is more info on that.
Thanks very much for these responses. I will give some of these a try :slightlysmilingface: