Guru structure ideas anyone?

  • 30 September 2021
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Hey everyone! Our CX Team is completely re-organizing the content structure of our Guru boards but our company is quite complex… Does anyone want to connect and chat about what worked and what didn’t work for your company if you’ve gone through a similar struggle? Or if you’re super proud of how your company has organized and is using Guru, I’d love to chat about what’s working well for you!



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We literally just kicked off a revamp project for our organization of Guru too! We were receiving complaints about how hard it was to find info; which prompted this. Feel free to reach out via Slack and we can chat if you like.

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Hey @Lexi A.! Great question. You are not alone in revamping collections and auditing your Guru knowledge. :relaxed:  


Some resources that come top of mind are the article How to Perform a Knowledge Audit3 Tips for Creating Content in Guru, our Guru Academy course on Structuring Content, and our live consultation calls on structuring content. I’ve attached a really helpful 1-pager with some examples from the course.

In a recent Deep Dive, one of our customers said as you structure content and map content hierarchy, it’s good to walk through:

  • Ownership & Responsibility

  • Audience

  • Making it findable

  • Content lifecycle & Governance

Learn more about his approach in this Guru Deep Dive Recap on Centralizing Knowledge


More Resources:


I love this guide:


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Hi! I’m on the Product Specialist team at Guru, and wanted to share that we’re launching a new content structure group call this week, where we’ll walk through topics like: 

  • What a good account structure looks like and how to get there
  • Best practices for bringing information into Guru, finding it, and maintaining it over time
  • Live Q&A, so you can hear from our team and learn from other customers on the call

You can sign up for the call here!

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@Lexi A. @Ian Link I’m curious how this ended up going. We are looking at moving our technical content into Guru (new to Guru in the last 6 months) and I’m wondering if you might be able to share any insights on how you structured content.