Guru vs Confluence

  • 12 July 2021
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Has anyone had to pitch internally Guru vs Confluence? We are looking to expand Guru use in the company but need to pitch to leadership why it's better than Confluence (no brainer...but I still need to put together a pitch). If so - any material you wrote out to help support the presentation (I already found this on the Guru's site)

2 replies

Great question @Allie Sokoloff! I’m copying a response @Siobhan had shared (and @Paul gave a +1 to): 

I’ve swayed two teams that were heavily Confluence-based by having them trial out the sync feature. Once they see the benefit of the verification and the easier UI/UX, they are convinced.

Tagging in a few others who may have advice/resources to share on this: @Karolin Zosgornik @Ian Link @Katie Vermilyea @Kristin Fretz @brookethebatman @Mirna Lessinger 

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@Allie Sokoloff we use both, Guru is not yet a company-wide platform, but they serve different use cases. What has worked well when pitching the advantages of Guru over other applications (e.g., Salesforce Knowledge) in my experience is to apply a use case approach. You could pick for example the top 3 pain points of your current setup/solution and illustrate how Guru addresses them. If I think about Guru and Confluence (and really any other knowledge or content platform I’ve seen), a major plus of Guru for us was its authoring tool; it’s just so user-centered/friendly, easy to use, clean, effortless, frictionless. Happy to chat more if you need more ideas.