How do you encourage people to document knowledge in Guru?

  • 23 September 2021
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Hi everyone! How are you all moving organic Q&A convos. that happen in Slack, Teams, etc. into Guru? How is your process working? Would love to see some examples!

Here at Guru, we know that work is easier when the information you need is searchable so we want everyone across all departments to feel empowered to contribute to our knowledge base.

Earlier this spring, our support team restructured our Product FAQ Cards, resulting in a brand new Product Q&A Collection. There are two main benefits of this new Collection 1) it is easier than ever to search in and 2) everyone has author access, meaning everyone can contribute! 🧠

A great way to source new Cards for this Collection is through our #product-questions channel in Slack, which is where people can ask questions about our product that they can not find in Guru. Our goal is to make this process simple while ensuring that these Cards are accurate and maintained going forward. Below is the Card we shared with the simple set of instructions we provided our team: 



1 reply

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Here is an example of a Card that can be created from these types of organic Q&A interactions 🚀

@Diana Simmons @Alex Silva @Dan Laparra from peaking at other posts in the Community I can see this may be a topic that you have thought about before! Any examples you’d like to share of how your teams get new knowledge documented in Guru? Would love to hear! 🤩