How do you know new Guru Cards are needed by your team?

  • 4 October 2021
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Hi Everyone! 👋 How do you know new Guru Cards are needed by your team?

Guru’s Product Q&A Collection is the destination in our internal knowledge base with answers to all of our frequently asked user questions. A joint authoring effort between the Product Specialist team and the Technical Support team, these FAQ Cards contain tips on troubleshooting, expected feature behavior, and known workarounds.

Using Guru Analytics, we can see our Product Q&A Collection is frequently referenced by the customer-facing team members at Guru. Our Product Q&A Cards also serve as inspiration for the Technical Support team's Help Center articles. 📖

As we look at the content of our internal knowledge base and think bigger picture, Technical Support can see a few themes emerging. For example, our customer-facing teams have recently consumed quite a bit of content around the subject of "Table of Contents" and markdown blocks. We feel this could serve as inspiration to expand our knowledge base with new Cards breaking down the topic even further.💡

@Monica Alves@Anne Neif, and others, I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the process you've used for leveraging themes that have arisen out of your internal knowledge base to create new content. 😄 Thread any workflows and learnings below!

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