If your team uses Slack emojis to triage queries, how do you produce reports on the process?

  • 25 May 2021
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For those who use emojis in Slack to triage queries (for example :did-you-guru-it: ), what's the best way you've found to produce reports on how many times you've used the emojis? And if possible, on which posts?

7 replies

Hmm good question @rosie.eachus! Tagging in the Slack pros on this one in case they can share any insights - cc @aberman @kpearce @sbhagat
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Hi @rosie.eachus 👋 have you ever considered setting up a `/reacji-channeler` for :did-you-guru-it: ? You can set it up so when anyone emoji reacts to a post with :did-you-guru-it: it will pump that post to a channel and essentially giving you a feed of the posts it is being used on. You also could then see how many times in a month the reacji is used and on which kind of posts.
It is easy to set up, all you would need to do is type `/reacji-channeler` in the text box in slack with the emoji you would like to leverage and the channel you would like to send it to. Please note: that the reacji-channeler would work for ANYONE reacting using that emoji and is not tied to one individual.
It will not work retroactively so any time you (or anyone else) may have reacji-ed with it in the past will not come up in channel, but might be helpful to set up going forward to collect that data in one place.
If you want to see when *you* leveraged the :did-you-guru-it: in the past, I would recommend clicking on the `@ Mentions & reactions` tab in the left navigation bar (towards the top). There you can scroll through and see when you reacted with that emoji in the past.
I hope this was helpful, please let me know if you have any additional question :slightlysmilingface:
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1. Thanks @kpearce! That would be a useful workaround for sure. In regards to viewing how many times its been used per month, would it simply be a case of manually reviewing each post? Or is there a way to export each post from a single channel?
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You can use search modifiers in Slack to get a count for each month you want to look at...screenshot2021-05-27at101908am_5923.png
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If you need to share the types of posts with others, you can always add them to the channel that has the feed of posts from the reacji channeler :slightlysmilingface:
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Another option is to set up workflows to trigger based on the reacji you use and if you use a form/responses within that workflow, you can sync it to a spreadsheet. https://slack.com/help/articles/360035692513-Guide-to-Workflow-Builder
I can't really give advice on if this would be applicable or useful in your case without having more info on how you're using the reacji to triage, but it's another way to collect data if necessary - in your case it might be a little too tedious but wanted to share that as an option to explore too!
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@aberman that's brilliant, thank you!