Incident Management comms?

  • 21 July 2021
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Does anyone have any tips, suggestions, templates on how to effectively communicate system/product incidents? Not everyone has access to Jira and often the info in there are too overwhelming for the non tech peers so is there a better way?

3 replies

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@Desiree Santos Hey Desiree! When we run into incidents at Guru, we typically communicate via Slack. We also have Guru Cards created to prepare folks for these types of incidents. This Internal Process/Standard Operating Procedure Template could help you get started and create a process to follow when these incidents occur. 


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@Kassidy Butler thanks for sending through the template. Is there also a format/template you follow when you report incidents via slack?

Great topic @Desiree Santos! I’ve attached a screenshot of the Slack workflow form we have for reporting an incident. We also use Pingdom for performance monitoring, which alerts our #guru-status channel automatically when there’s a performance issue with one of our services. We document our incident response processes in Guru Card that cover the following topics:

  • Overview
  • Purpose
  • Process
    • Incident reporting
    • Assigning engineering and communications DRIs (leads)
    • Technical investigation & impact mitigation
    • Customer communications (
      • Status updates
    • Internal communications
    • Incident resolution & monitoring
    • Root cause analysis & preventive measures
    • Retrospective & next steps

Curious if others use Guru to document incident management processes. @Kristin Fretz @Nick Snelling is this something you do by chance?