No email notifications when clicking on "reply" button in comments

  • 16 May 2022
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When we add a comment - we get our emails using @mentions.

However, if we are viewing comments in a card and click on the reply button and send a reply - no email notifications are sent.

This requires that we start a new comment which makes it difficult to follow the stream on a particular comment.

How can we get emails when the “reply” button is used?

Thanks for help


1 reply

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Marie with Guru Technical Support here! 👋 I’m sorry to see no one has replied to your post just yet but I’m thrilled to see you’re seeking advice from the Community. I’ll go ahead and share some of what we’ve chatted about regarding Guru’s comment notification rules in case any other users might have the same question!

This When does Guru send me notifications? Help Center article is the best resource to reference when determining when users will receive notification of Card comment activity. With new Card comments, the Card Verifier and anyone @ mentioned in that comment receives an email or Slack notification. With replies to Card comments, any user who has participated in the comment thread and any user @ mentioned in the reply will receive an email or Slack notification.

Given these rules, there are times when a notification will not be sent. For example, let’s say a user leaves a new comment on a Card, then follows up with a subsequent reply to their comment. Because no other users have participated in the comment thread and no other users are @ mentioned in the reply, the Card Verifier will see a notification about the first comment and will not see a notification about the reply. The best practice to receive notifications at all times will be to adopt @ mentioning users in comments and replies. 👌